1. How confidential are the sessions?

Only the client and therapist know what is said. (A Supervisor supervises the therapist’s work periodically to provide general feedback and help, but those cases discussed are anonymous).

2. How long are sessions?

Usually one hour.

3. How frequent are the sessions?

Weekly or fortnightly for individuals or couples, and three weekly for families, altering as the work requires.

4. Where will the therapy take place?

In a consulting room in a private house.

5. How long will therapy last?

For as long as it is useful to the client(s), but this is constantly reviewed to ensure that there is a clear focus on the work being done.

6. Who are the sessions with?

With me, a qualified therapist with over 25 years of training and experience.

7. What will the therapist do?

Discuss the clients’ concerns and help them explore the issues and dilemmas, so as to talk through options for the future.

8. What about costs?

Fees are charged for each session, paid directly by the client(s) or, where applicable, by their private health insurance.

What do I do next?

Ring 01572 737163, where a confidential answerphone is on for 24 hours. Leave your name and number.

I will ring you back to discuss briefly your situation and arrange an initial meeting.

I will send you a confirmation letter, directions and information about fees and practical arrangements for sessions.

We will meet for an initial session, and you will get a flavour of how I work. You are then in a position to decide if you want to proceed.